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Front loaders have a wide range of applications on the farm. They allow you to transport heavy materials, agricultural produce or manure, among other things. Our front loaders are ideally suited for any type of work that may arise on the farm. Our products are distinguished by excellent workmanship and durability, which is why we offer a 2-year warranty. Each of the front loaders listed below can be controlled mechanically, hydraulically. We also manufacture power steering systems and loader attachments.

Load capacity Hight of raising
Front loaders for C 330tractors 500 kg 2,85 m
Front loaders for C 360 tractor 700 kg 3,30 m
Front loaders for MF 255 tractor 700 kg 3,30 m
Front loaders for T-25 tractor 500 kg 2,85 m
Front loaders for Massey-Ferguson tractor 500 kg 2,85 m
Front loaders for Zetor 5211, 7211 tractor 700 kg 3,30 m

TUR front loader for tractors such as C-330, C-360, MF, Zetor 52-11, Zetor 72-11, T-25.
Our loaders are TURs for small tractors, which have served farmers for many years not only in Poland, but also around the world. Our loaders are equipped with double-acting cylinders, which have the ability to apply pressure, which is extremely important for the daily operation of such an agricultural machine. Our loaders can be controlled with a lever or a joystick.

Which TUR for a tractor?

Front-loaders for tractors have many variants. The popular division is into so-called sections. We can distinguish on 1-section loader, 2-section loader, 3-section loader and Euroramka.

1-section loader - characteristics

A single-section TUR is a mechanically controlled loader for so-called rope. This is the most basic version of TUR that is available on the market. For such a loader, you can choose accessories such as a bucket for loose materials or forks with forged or turned tines. When choosing this type of loader, it should be remembered that it does not have the ability to adjust the opening of the bucket. This TUR is controlled by a lever.

2-section loader - characteristics

The 2-section TUR loader is hydraulically controlled. This machine has the ability to adjust the pivot of the bucket, which allows for precise work on the farm, garden or any other place where it will prove useful as a TUR front loader for a tractor.

3-section loader - characteristics

3-section TUR loaders for tractors are very similar to 2-section loaders. They differ in having an additional hydraulic section extended for such attachments as a hay bale grab or crocodile fork. .


TUR EURORAMKA loader is the richest version of our loaders, and at the same time, the one most often chosen due to its functionality and increased lifting capacity. This TUR model has extended 3-sectional hydraulics and reinforced frame elements, so the lifting capacity is much higher than with a traditional TUR. However, the biggest advantage of the EURORAMKA type loader is the type of its EURO mounting. This is a universal attachment that allows you to quickly change tools in a very convenient and comfortable way on the EURO type universal attachment.

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