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Power steering system

Power steering system is a valuable upgrade that can be installed on C-330, C-360, C-360 3P tractors. Our power steering system includes:

  • actuator/cylinder,
  • steering column base,
  • double steering knuckle arm,
  • orbitrol mounting bracket,
  • pump base,
  • hydraulic pump,
  • pulley (if it’s a C-360),
  • cylinder mounting bracket,
  • orbitrol,
  • hoses with crimp fittings,
  • oil level expansion tank,
  • pinion shaft,
  • reduction sleeves,
  • tie rod end

and all other necessary components for installation such as mounting bolts. This tractor upgrade can bring many benefits and make work on the farm easier. Depending on whether it is a C-330 or C-360, the drive is taken in turn from the valve train, and in the case of a C-360 from the crankshaft.

Here are some of the main advantages of power steering system and why you should install it:

  • The main and most important advantage – Easier Steering:

    Power steering system reduces the effort required to turn the steering wheel. This makes driving the tractor less tiring, especially during prolonged work in the field.

  • Improved Precision:

    Power steering system helps to steer the tractor with precision. This means farmers can drive more accurately and perform complex maneuvers, which is especially important during agricultural work.

  • Safety:

    Power steering system improves safety when driving the tractor. The reduction in the force required to steer the vehicle means that the driver can better control the vehicle, especially in difficult off-road conditions.

  • Saving time:

    With easier control and increased precision, farmers can complete jobs faster, saving time.

  • Less Fatigue:

    Less effort in steering the tractor means that drivers are less fatigued after a full day of work in the field. This improves overall efficiency and comfort.

  • Added value:

    Installing power steering system can increase the value of the tractor, which is important if the vehicle is ever sold or replaced.

  • Complete Kit:

    Our power steering kit includes all necessary components and installation instructions, making the installation process simple and accessible even to those with no prior mechanical experience.

It is worth noting that power steering systems for tractors are becoming increasingly popular in agriculture, as it significantly improves comfort and productivity in the field. This is an investment that can bring many benefits, as well as contribute to extending the tractor’s lifespan.

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