We use the latest technology to manufacture front loaders and power steering systems. Thanks to powder coating, the color is extremely durable, weather and corrosion resistant. We believe that only the highest quality equipment will make your work easier and allow you to be more efficient. We have been on the market for more than 15 years and we are changing the lives of farmers in Poland by offering them reliable and durable agricultural equipment. Thanks to our extensive logistics, we deliver our products directly to customers throughout the country. Our work has been appreciated not only by Poles, but also by customers from all over Europe.


Front loaders have a wide range of applications on the farm. They allow you to transport heavy materials, agricultural produce or manure, among other things. Our front loaders are ideally suited for any type of work that may arise on the farm. Our products are distinguished by excellent workmanship and durability, which is why we offer a 2-year warranty. Each of the front loaders listed below can be controlled mechanically, hydraulically.

Load capacity Hight of raising
Front loaders for C 330tractors 500 kg 2,85 m
Front loaders for C 360 tractor 700 kg 3,30 m
Front loaders for MF 255 tractor 700 kg 3,30 m
Front loaders for T-25 tractor 500 kg 2,85 m
Front loaders for Massey-Ferguson tractor 500 kg 2,85 m
Front loaders for Zetor 5211, 7211 tractor 700 kg 3,30 m


Power steering system is a definite advantage when working with a C 360, C 360-3P or C 330 tractor. Thanks to this mechanism, the wheel axle moves with incredible lightness, which makes working on the tractor definitely lighter. The power steering system kit for tractors consists of all necessary components, mechanical elements and hydraulic parts for installation.


Front loader attachments allow you to perform various types of work on the farm. We use materials of the highest quality which are resistant to weather conditions and corrosion. We offer front loader attachments such as:


  • forks with regular tines
  • forks with forged tines
  • crocodile-type forks
  • hay bale grab

  • bucket for loose materials
  • plow mounted to the front loader
  • plow mounted to the tractor


We offer the service of cleaning metal parts by shot blasting. We use newest technologies and equipment for this purpose. The use of such treatment before powder coating ensures that the paint does not chip or come off the cleaned parts. Shot blasting metal before powder coating is extremely important to make the product look great. We have the ability to clean both small and very large parts.


For the production of our front loaders, we use modern technologies that allow us to make high-quality products. We offer a powder coating service for metal components. The use of this method allows the product to be perfectly covered with the right amount of paint. Powder-coated parts have no streaks. After applying the paint, the products are automatically transported to the oven to harden the paint layer. This technology ensures that the paint does not chip, is durable and resistant to weather conditions.

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